Party Litigants


A party litigant is someone who does not have the benefit of legal representation but as a party to an action chooses to make their own representations to the court.
Where the court finds a party litigant entitled to expenses the Auditor may allow those sums which are reasonable having regard to the following:

work done which was reasonably required in connection with the cause, up to a maximum of two-thirds of the sum allowable to a solicitor for that work under the table of fees for solicitors in judicial proceedings; and
outlays reasonably incurred for the proper conduct of the cause.
In determining what sum to allow the Auditor shall have regard to the following:

(a) the nature of the work;

(b) the time taken and the time reasonably required to do the work;

(c) the amount of time spent in respect of which there is no loss of earnings;

(d) the amount of any earnings lost during the time required to do the work;

(e) the importance of the cause to the party litigant;

(f) the complexity of the issues involved in the cause;

(For the Table of Fees of Solicitors in the Court of Session you can obtain a copy of The Scottish Law Directory, Fees Supplement Book, from LexisNexis, Robert Stevenson House, Baxter”s Place, EDINBURGH, EH1 3AF – Tel: 0131 556 2424/Fax: 0131 524 1796)

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